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3 years ago we moved into a new house with a large allotment, every year we have "rotated" our potatoes, as a result of this we always get potatoes popping up in places where we have grown potatoes in the previous years.

I was speaking to our 86 year old neigbour about rotating them and he told me that he has grown his potatoes in exactly the same place for the last 40 years without any problems.

Every gardening book says that you must not grow potatoes in the same place in successive years, has anyone else grown them in the same spot without problems?

If I was to try growing them in the same place and I had a problem with them, would I not be able to grow them there ever again? Or would the ground sort itself out in a couple of years?

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I know it is not recommended to plant potatoes in the same place, but I have been forced to do it for the last few years without any problems.  I inherited a large overgrown vegetable patch and because I am still working full time the only way I could keep on top of it was to plant potatoes everywhere each year I plant less potatoes and more of other crops as I try to get the patch cleaned up.  Sometimes I don't even get chance to harvest all the potatoes and basically self seeding.
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