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As it takes an hour and a half to cut our lawn even with the ride on, I am interested in buying a robot to get it done for me, but what is to stop thieves just picking it up and putting it in the back of a van? They don't move very fast, so when it is cutting I imagine it would be easy to catch.  I know thieves could steel my ride-on but they would have to break into my garage to do that!

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I was recently speaking to the guy in the mower store about this, husqvarna have some kind of app for your phone, and you have to put a pin code in to re-program it to a new garden.   It should be easy to secure the docking/charging station, so thieves would have to buy another one of these.

I guess the thing is that garden tools get stolen from sheds in peoples gardens all the time, so it might be slightly easier to steal a robotic than say a petrol powered mower in a shed, but I am not letting that put me off getting one, I am just waiting for the price of robot mowers to fall a bit before I buy one.  Robotic mowers are still a new technology, and I am sure that manufacturers will build more security features into them.   They could be securely paired with the base station, so that they can only be re-programmed if the mower is connected to base station that it was bought with, and if you wanted to pair it with a new base station you would need to get a code from the manufacturer.
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