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Last week when forking over the compost pile I got quite a shock when a rat jumped up at me, to be honest the rat was probably more surprised than I was, I shouldn't have told my wife about it because now shes refusing to put anything on the pile.  So how do I get rid of them, I'm reluctant to use poison because it's not very organic, and I don't want other animals getting caught in traps (We have a cat but she's scarred of rats!)

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I have 3 plastic compost bins, unfortunately they don't have bottoms so rats were tunneling underneath them it was a long time before I noticed a rats tail in there but there would always be a tunnel to the top of the compost.   I became more careful about what I was putting in the bins, before I had been putting all waste food in them, pasta, rice, pieces of meat.  I stopped that and only put in vegetable peelings.  The rats went away but I had much less compost.  So I got my other half to build a concrete base for one of the bins at the end of the garden and we put anything that might attract rodents in that, the bins have a catch on the lids so there is no way in for them.
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Rats only go where there is food for them, if you put food that appeals to them in your compost area then they will find it.   If you want to add all your food waste to your compost pile then you will need a rat proof compost bin -- if such a thing exists because they seem to be able to eat there way through most materials, in our house in the country we have found dead rats where they have tried to eaten through electrical cable, and apparently they can eat through concrete!!
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We have the occasional rat in the compost bin, but eventually the local owl will eat them, our bigger problem is flies, we had a family of toads living near the compost, that was keeping on top of them, but I think the owl has now eaten the toads!

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