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I assume that once seeds have germinated they no longer need the heat that the mat provides?

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The heat mat is just to get them to germinate, pepper plants are native to hot countries, so they need a lot of heat to germinate.  Obviously don't put them outside if there is still a risk of frost.   Even though I live it a warm country (France) I find that I only get a decent crop of bell peppers or chilli peppers if grow them in my greenhouse.

I only grow hot peppers, because it is difficult to buy hot peppers here, and when bell peppers are in season, they are cheap in the shops, and I just find they take up too much space in the greenhouse.
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Yes the heat mat has done it's job as soon as the seeds have germinated.  Chilli plants do like the heat so if you can grown them in a greenhouse they will grow and ripen faster.

There is no real heat in most chillis until they have properly ripened.
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