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This year we've grown several different type of sunflowers as well as the standard yellow tall ones, do the smaller red and orange ones produce edible seeds? or is it best just to save them for the birds?

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I wouldn't ask this question on a forum because you could get some idiot saying they are when actually they are poisonous to humans.  I have wondered this myself though, and I have done some research and the bottom line is that they are all edible, but some smaller sunflower seeds, the ones found in bird food mix, can turn bad very quickly and give you bad indegestion.  You might not realise they are bad, especially if you have toasted them.

I buy organic sunflower seeds from the whole foods store and grow them, they are much cheaper than the seeds that you buy from the garden centre and they produce the larger seeds which are better for human consumption.
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All sunflower seeds are edible, but some varieties of sunflower have very small seeds, so its probably not worth the effort to harvest the seeds.
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