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In our neighborhood there has recently been a spate of burglaries from outbuildings and garden sheds, I am quite worried about this as we have an expensive gas barbecue in a small wooden shed, a lot of gardening tools in another wooden shed, and strimmer and mower in the outbuilding. I was looking at the hasp and staple style locks that the previous owner had fitted to the wooden sheds, and realized that they could just be unscrewed even when the padlock was fitted. Our outbuilding has an old wooden door that I suspect could be opened very quickly by somebody who new what they were doing. Oh and I forgot to mention our pool pump, and garden furniture that are just left completely unsecured outside in the summer.

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When the police came to see us after we had had a lot of plants stolen (not even expensive plants, geraniums and things like that) they suggested we get big gates and a big dog!
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