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I need a hedge about 6ft high that I don’t have to trim to often, this will be a long hedge that separates our garden from the neighbors, it is actually not really visible from many parts of our garden so it doesn't have to be pretty – low maintenance is the important decision making factor.

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I am growing a lot of hedge on a very small budget (ZERO budget!) and I am using forsythia and buddleia, both grow easily from cuttings, just literally push sticks into the ground and they start growing.  

The forsythia can be cut one a year if you want a more formal hedge, if you just let it grow then it will fall over a bit at the top when it gets to about 7 feet high.

The buddleia, I just let that grow, it does bush out quite a lot so if you don't have much room, then it might not be suitable.

I have planted the forsythia hedge where I can see it from the house it the spring because it adds a bit of color with its yellow flowers in the spring.

The buddleia is planted where it more visible in the summer, there are 2 types of buddleia in the hedge, one purple and one yellow, the yellow one has not grown as high as the purple one, but maybe it is just slower to get started.

I did look into growing grape vines as a hedge, you can weave the branches together to make a grid, but they don't actually become thick wood branches for several years.  I was put off because I am not sure that they would survive our cold winters and also that fruit would fall and attract flies.
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