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I have planted 6 organic lemon seeds in some seed cells, and they have all sprouted, if I put them in a centrally heated conservatory, will they eventually produce lemons? will they grow 'true'?

The conservatory is heated to 19c all year round, but in the summer it can get up to 30c.

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You certainly can grow lemons indoors in the UK, people were doing it a long time ago in orangeries.  If you want to try something more ambitious have a go at a pineapple or banana tree, both have been grown inside in the UK.

Regarding the lemons you need to get your humidity between 30-60%, houses are often way below these levels. You can increase room humidity by placing shallow pots of water in direct sunlight in the windowsills of the room that you keep your lemon plants.

Because you are growing from seed you could end up with a very large lemon tree, most of the lemon plants that you buy in British garden centres are dwarf varieties and will never grow more than a few feet tall.   The lemon that you obtained the seeds from probably came from a tree that was 20ft tall.
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might be better to leave the tree in a greenhouse over winter, I have just seen monty don doing that on gardeners world.
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You should get lemons, but I don't think that they will riped, could be wrong, I often am!

Not sure if lemon seeds growing true is a problem, maybe they will just taste bitter :)
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